Customer Service Chatbots – Get them in the feelies.

Headset has built a business on helping our clients drive actions from their customers. From creating urgency to buy a product, generating curiosity about a service, or building a desire to pitch in and donate we know how to engage people.

wegwest-300x250banner-ad-1Customer Service drives the experience

Perhaps this is why interface design was something that really resonated with us back in the early 90’s.

Once we started to understand just how important the user experience was, we quickly understood that user interface and the experience it generates is as much (or maybe even more) a part of overall branding as anything else.

We learned very early on, from some very smart people that a brand is something customers create for business.

Businesses can’t create brands, all they can do is offer a product or service, make it the very best it can be, position it clearly, and give the customer the best experience possible.

Customers create brands. All companies can do is not mess it up.

Not that messing up is actually that bad. One of the past CEOs of FedEx said, (and I paraphrase) that a misdelivered package is like a gift from God.

The way you handle issues will either create an enemy, determined to make sure everyone knows how badly you failed, or a loyal, lifelong customer that would never go anywhere else for your products or services.

It’s all about how we handle those interactions.

Headset is obsessed with the customer service focused chatbots we’re building. They’re smart, they’re connected, they’re helpful, and best of all they know when to get out of the way.

We’re working hard to build a true sense of empathy into all of them.

We want interactions to be helpful and kind while centering the experience solidly around the customer in every respect.

Interface design has changed radically since we worked for IBM, PARC, Sun, and Hitachi, but the facts remain the same. If you can make every customer touchpoint brilliant, even the bad ones, you’ll have a customer for life.

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