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Chatbot Reviews 3: Ebay Shopbot on Facebook Messenger

The team at 1080bots is studying retail chatbots to improve our delivery of productive ecommerce conversational experiences to represent your brand image and deliver business objectives. We heard via Business Insider that the eBay Shopbot was launched recently so we gave it a whirl. (November 2016)

A Great Start

It’s close enough to Thanksgiving, so Season’s Greetings might be appropriate for the early birds. There was an opening carousel menu and note about the persistent menu down to my right. Great opening eBay Shopbot!

There was a window to type, so I provided a very specific product search request. The search phrase “black leather chelsea boots synthetic sole” is handled very well by both eBay and Amazon. The Shopbot did a good job asking me for more focus, but when it produced the result, it seemed to ignore ‘mens boots’.


Ebay Shopbot Greeting


This time I added  ‘Mens’ into the initial search phrase “Mens chelsea boots black leather synthetic sole”. Great, it asked me for a shoe size, maybe to check availability and it returned a set of results. Shopbot then asked for a refinement in shoe width.

eBay Shopbot says ‘This One’s a Puzzle’

Disappointingly it brings me back more boots, but it forgot I was looking for Chelsea boots. I put in a brand and an UK size, but that confused it. Once more providing the attribute names too, but it wasn’t playing along. I know I am a difficult customer. The error message wasn’t so bad though.


Ebay Shopbot Search Chelsea Boots


I decided to play fair and provided a simple search and an easier response to the prompts.  When it started to give be brown boots, I asked again for black ones. Shopbot admitted to its filters being not quite ready, so we began again.


Ebay Shopbot Search Boots

Frictionless Path to the Checkout

Following the menus and playing along with its way of search refinement, ‘more like this’ buttons, you can very quickly find what you’re looking for. It takes you to the website without leaving the mobile Messenger app and takes you all the way to eBay’s guest checkout. Success!


Ebay Shopbot Checkout


I was a tough customer and that was one of the better ecommerce chatbot experiences we’ve seen so far. To find out more about how we think about and create conversational chatbot experiences just email us at ez@firstretail.com .

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