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Ecommerce Chatbot Customer Experiences

The ecommerce chatbot is the first point of interaction that a customer might have with your brand. So it’s pretty important that you put your customer at the center of their experience. This applies equally to ecommerce mobile app, in-store signage, telephone customer hotline or the chatbot.

Why we review e-commerce chatbots

To understand how customers and bots interact we have been playing with a number of ecommerce chatbots. We have been pretty tough on these shopping chatbots because we wanted to know when the customer experience breaks. We see the breakpoints when the bot stops understanding or is unable to provide service.

If you have any bots you’d like us to put through their paces and include in our ecommerce chatbot reviews, drop us a line at ez@firstretail.com and tell us how to find the chatbot.

The Aerie Chatbot makes women feel confident inside and out

Aerie Chatbot Review Banner

At the April 2017 Facebook Developer Conference, Mark Zuckerberg announced a new version of Facebook Messenger containing a host of features that would help ecommerce retailers fully engage with their

F8 Conference Summary for Omnichannel Retailers

Messenger Features for Ecommerce

At the April 2017 F8 Facebook developer conference, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook announced the “next generation of Messenger Platform”. Messenger will be deployed to the 1.2 billion monthly users

Chatbot Reviews 14: Macy’s Chatbot on Facebook Messenger

Macy's Chatbot on Facebook Messenger Banner

The aftermath of the 2016 Holidays is the closure of 100 Macy’s stores with the loss of 10,000 jobs . Yet this comes at a time where Macy’s has also

Chatbot Reviews 13: ELF Chatbot at the Mall of America

E.L.F. At Your Service with Watson Banner

Another A.I. offering out of the IBM Watson stables, this time the ELF Chatbot at the Mall of America in Minneapolis. The Mall boasts over 520 stores and restaurants, an

Chatbot Reviews 12 IBM Watson 1-800-Flowers Chatbot

1-800-Flowers IBM Watson Banner

IBM has been hyping the Watson Platform for Conversational Commerce, so we decided to put it to the test. 1080bots keeps an eye on all the latest Ecommerce Chatbots to

Chatbot Reviews 11 The 1-800-Flowers Chatbot

Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook F8 Announcing the Messenger Platform with the 1-800-Flowers Chatbot

The  original 1-800-Flowers chatbot demonstrates that this company is no laggard. They launched their Facebook Messenger chatbot in April 2016 at the F8 conference. What better press than Mark Zuckerberg

Chatbot Reviews 10: H&M Chatbot on Kik Messenger

H&M Chatbot on Kik

When the 1080bots team found this H&M Chatbot on the Kik Messenger platform, we were eager to try it out. At 1080bots we are constantly seeking the best chatbot experiences.

Chatbot Reviews 8: Order Status Chatbot from Best Buy

Best Buy Order Status Chatbot

As we get closer to the Holidays, customers get increasingly concerned that their orders are not going to be delivered on time. So the clever chaps at Best Buy are

The ROI of Customer Service Chatbots

JD Sports Storefront with Ecommerce Chatbot

The team at 1080bots has been thinking more about the Return on Investment model to help retailers justify their initial foray into the chatbot space. Having seen a range of

Chatbot Reviews 7: Epytom Style Chatbot on Messenger

Epytom Chatbot Style

We came across the Epytom chatbot, it’s implemented on both Facebook Messenger and Telegram. . The team at 1080bots is studying ecommerce chatbots to improve our delivery of productive ecommerce

Chatbot Reviews 6: Shop Spring Chatbot, Chelsea Boots?

Shop Spring Chatbot Banner

We love the Shop Spring site  so when we discovered their Facebook Messenger chatbot in Forbes, we paid a visit. The team at 1080bots is studying retail chatbots to improve

Chatbot Reviews 5: IKEA Build Bot (not IKEA’s bot)

Ikea Ecommerce chatbot

I recently purchased a chest of drawers at IKEA in Madrid – the IKEA Buildbot claimed to show me how to put it together. The team at 1080bots is studying

Chatbot Reviews 4: VSPINK on Kik Messenger

Victoria's Secret Chatbot on Kik Messenger

Victoria’s Secret Pink brand has created VSPINK on Kik, a messaging platform. Kik boasts a young, active and fast growing user base of 300 million users. At 1080bots we’re always

Chatbot Reviews 3: Ebay Shopbot on Facebook Messenger

Ebay Shopbot Ecommerce Chatbot

The team at 1080bots is studying retail chatbots to improve our delivery of productive ecommerce conversational experiences to represent your brand image and deliver business objectives. We heard via Business

Chatbot Reviews 2: Sephora Chatbot on Kik

Sephora Chatbot on Kik

Sephora is one of the earliest retailers to offer a chatbot experience consistent with its chic and modern brand values. The Sephora chatbot is available on Kik, a messaging platform

Chatbot Reviews 1: The White House Chatbot

The Whitehouse Chatbot Reviewed

The team at 1080bots is continually reviewing chatbots to figure out how to create memorable conversational experiences that represent your brand and deliver your e-commerce objectives. Here is a review

The 7-Laws of Chatbotics for human-chatbot interactions

Don't eat your graduation cup Steven

Hello Chatbot and welcome to the world. You know that you have an very important part to play in all aspects of human lives going forward so it is important

Customer Service Chatbots – Get them in the feelies.

Headset has built a business on helping our clients drive actions from their customers. From creating urgency to buy a product, generating curiosity about a service, or building a desire

Building empathy into chatbots

We’re building empathy into chatbots. Working to give them the ability to understand, and one day even share the feelings of the customer. When we talk about adding empathy to

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