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Chatbot Reviews 10: H&M Chatbot on Kik Messenger

When the 1080bots team found this H&M Chatbot on the Kik Messenger platform, we were eager to try it out. At 1080bots we are constantly seeking the best chatbot experiences.

Can I buy underwear with the H&M Chatbot

The opening dialog was designed to help the chatbot get a better picture of me as a customer. It asked me if I wanted to see Men’s or Women’s clothing. I cut to the chase and asked it directly for “men’s underwear”. Clearly on a mission, the bot understood I was male and chose to ignore the rest of the request. This was a shame because I really needed to buy some underwear.

Sorry… you gotta make a decision

Welcome to H&M Chatbot on Kik

We got past the initial hiccup and the bot asked me my age group with buttons to simplify my response. A series of questions followed that showed my fashion style. Only button or similar text responses were accepted. The bot did not have any semantics around the image content, so ignored me when I talked about the images shown. Looking at responses, the H&M chatbot has been given a style of speech that identifies with its target demographic.

So where can I get underwear?

H&M Chatbot on Kik setting style

Departing from the buttons when asked me my style preference, I said ‘Formal’ and it politely reminded me to stick to the button choices. Given a profile of my style it was ready to make recommendations. It asked me for an item, so I went back to my original request for underwear. Once again the bot was not responsive and provided more suggestions.

Thwarted in my attempts to get some underwear, I decided I’d cover up with a pair of jeans. The bot easily suggested an outfit and provided a total price. Faced with the fact I’d need to go commando in this outfit I reluctantly said it looked great.

Browse, Share, Buy

H&M Chatbot on Kik Sharing Inspo

Once I’d got comfortable without underwear, it did ask me if I wanted to share the outfit with my friends. Check in the box on social shopping, but I’d like to see the metrics and demographics of the sharing. Deep into this conversation, I was invited to buy any of the items shown. The bot seamlessly provided a link and Kik opened the product page, with that item on sale.

H&M Chatbot on Kik getting to checkout


Overall not a bad experience – maybe designed for a younger male who says things like “Coolio” and shuns undergarments. The bot made good use of buttons and images, built a good knowledge of me as a customer and did not take too long to get me to a product page.

Prototype chatbots are a great learning tool

In an ideal world the bot would have access to the full product catalog and provide additional semantics on products and better search. I am sure this is coming in the future and in the meantime, H&M is learning a lot about how its customers are going to use chatbots in their purchasing cycle.

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