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Chatbot Reviews 5: IKEA Build Bot (not IKEA’s bot)

I recently purchased a chest of drawers at IKEA in Madrid – the IKEA Buildbot claimed to show me how to put it together. The team at 1080bots is studying retail chatbots to improve our delivery of productive ecommerce conversational experiences to represent your brand image and deliver business objectives. So we decided to see what Buildbot had to offer. At 1080bots we’re always studying retail chatbots to improve our delivery of productive ecommerce conversational experiences. Chatbots should  both represent your brand image and deliver business objectives.

MALM is Such a Unique Word

First we should not that botbot is not affiliated with the store IKEA. BotBot claims to help you build any of the self-assembly products you might buy at an Ikea store.

Ikea build bot looking for MALM

I recently bought a chest of drawers there, product name was MALM, quite a good keyword. MALM comes in many configurations, 3- and 4-drawers and different colors and widths. So I said I bought a 3-draw MALM, but the bot did not recognize it. Tried again just typing in the keyword “MALM”. This produced a result and it showed be the assembly manual. Using buttons it allowed me to page backwards and forwards through the manual.

What Happens When I Ask for Drawer Handles?

Once I’d mastered the manuals, I said “Help” and BotBot gave me a menu of Order/Buy – Complain – Contact – About. Because there is no affiliation with Ikea, the bot simply passed me to various web-pages on the site.

Ikea build bot looking for drawer handles

When I purchased the drawers, I actually also purchased some handles too but in the store it was hard to find the full selection of handle options, styles, sizes and finishes. So this might have been a great opportunity for the bot to help me find what I was looking for.

IKEA PAX Wardrobe Surprise

It first sent me to a product page for the PAX wardrobe. It might have had handles, but it was completely irrelvant to what was looking for. Then when I said I was looking for handles, it gave me the manual for LOOKING HANDLES which seems to be one of IKEA’S peculiar product names. Well, it then took me back to the MALM manual.

Ikea build bot finds me PAX wardrobe

So all in all, that was a confusing mess. IKEA, I know that you were early into the game with the Anna chatbot but I think you’ve decommissioned it not. If you’re thinking of creating a new one that might help customers navigate your wonderful products then drop us a line at ez@firstretail.com.

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