Victoria's Secret Chatbot on Kik Messenger

Chatbot Reviews 4: VSPINK on Kik Messenger

Victoria’s Secret Pink brand has created VSPINK on Kik, a messaging platform. Kik boasts a young, active and fast growing user base of 300 million users. At 1080bots we’re always studying retail chatbots to improve our delivery of productive ecommerce conversational experiences. Chatbots should  both represent your brand image and deliver business objectives.

Great Start VSPINK chatbot

The VSPINK bot opens the conversation by providing a clear indication of its capabilities, in this case using the buttons offering ‘What’s New’ and an interactive ‘Active Bra’ selection tool. The use of buttons and icons to help the user provide their specifications, which is very helpful for a product that is notoriously difficult to fit – especially in an online environment where there are no fitting rooms.

VSPINK Chatbot greeting

Quickly Get to Compelling Imagery

The conversation continues and offers a set of images of the chosen product in use and of the range that can be found on the site. The VSPINK bot stops short of taking the transaction but directs the user to the product page. We would assume that the site would detect that the customer came from the Kik bot and would attribute the sale to the conversation. At this point, I thought I’d go off-piste and try to find a store.

VSPINK Chatbot Shows Product Images

Looking for a Victoria’s Secret Store

The bot was not programmed to help with stores or even recognize the dialog even with clues I gave it. This is a shame because the Victoria’s Secret website has a Store Locator. The bot now knows that there is a customer located somewhere that wants to visit a store. Victoria’s Secret will know the difference in Average Order Value of an online versus in-store customer. It would be great to have somebody come back with an answer.

VSPINK chatbot trying a storefinder

Jaclyn and Blynkstyle, the Inspo Bot

Somehow to get out of trouble the bot manages to give me some buttons and I selected the find me outfit inspirations. Selecting one of the options sends me to another bot called Jaclyn at Blynkstyle (a Kik Company). This is a very great bot failover process providing a relevant and entertaining experience.

Jaclyn Fashionista Bot

Jaclyn begins by asking me for a few themes, using buttons, so she can find me some outfits . She confirms the selection and provides a number of recommendations, which actually link to Instagram pages. For the end-user the experience is good because the conversation continues. If Victoria’s Secret has access to Jaclyn’s analytics, then it will provide valuable customer insight. I was male and shopping on the VS site may be a clue as to what I might purchase in the future.

All in all the VSPink chatbot provided a pretty good experience. If you’d like some help addressing the issues I’ve mentioned, you can join our Bot Boot Camps anytime, just email us at ez@firstretail.com .

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