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  • Types of Chatbots Languages Messaging Platforms Development Platforms
  • Store Finders English (American) Facebook Messenger IBM Watson
  • Opening Hours English (British) SMS
  • Directions Spanish Kik Facebook M
  • Product Finder French Skype Artificial Solutions
  • Gift Finder German WeChat
  • Customer Service Hindi Slack
  • Order Status Italian Kakao
  • Customer Loyalty Japanese Telegram
  • Offer Notifications Portuguese Viber
  • Issue Diagnosis Korean Native on your site
  • Retail Concierge (and many more)

7-Laws of chatbotics – chatbot best practices

These are the 7-laws we drill into every ecommerce chatbot we build. Read the full post here.

  • 1 KNOW YOUR PLACE Never pretend to be human. Do the things that bots are really good at like responding fast and collecting information. Don’t attempt anything you’re not good at.
  • 2 RESPECT PRIVACY Chat only when you are invited. Authenticate whom you represent and never share a humans’ personal information.
  • 3 BE OF SERVICE Deep integration with all ecommerce systems will allow you to service all requests and to be proactive handling status changes on any transaction.
  • 4 UNDERSTAND CONTEXT Remember information from earlier in the conversation and use this in addition to things you know like time and location to provide a contextual response.
  • 5 BE EFFICIENT Respond to the human as fast as you can, provide buttons or images that make it easy for them, and if you have trouble understanding, ask clarifying questions.
  • 6 ACE THE CONVERSATION A conversation with a bot is better than a webform because the human can use plain language to tell you things - so make sure that you can interpret their words and respond without delay.
  • 7 FAIL BRILLIANTLY If you really can’t provide an answer to a request, get as much information as possible without getting into a loop, then pass it to another human via chat, phone or email.

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