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F8 Conference Summary for Omnichannel Retailers

At the April 2017 F8 Facebook developer conference, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook announced the “next generation of Messenger Platform”. Messenger will be deployed to the 1.2 billion monthly users currently on the platform. If you’re an ecommerce or omnichannel retailer, here’s what you need to know.

Retailers, Ecommerce, and Facebook Messenger

  • Messenger is in monthly use by over 50% of Facebook users. This means that it forms an important part of the Facebook ecosystem. Investment is being made to keep improving and innovating the product
  • 20 million businesses have already adopted Messenger to reach their customers, and there are already 100,000 chatbots live on the system covering all manner of applications
  • As the number of chatbots grows, having your customers find your chatbot becomes a challenge. Facebook is now addressing that problem with a Discover tab and the metadata categories that will allow your chatbot to be found
  • So what does this mean for retailers and consumer brands? To begin, chatbots will be easier to find. Businesses will increasingly use them to communicate with their customers alongside websites, mobile apps, and contact centers. We see that the experience will be far richer when your customers engage. There will be more convenient ways of interacting with images and better natural language recognition
  • Even more of your ecommerce functionality can be implemented via chatbots. This includes customer support, cart and checkout and order management. So as the Messenger platform matures, chatbot applications will need to be more robust, more deeply integrated, and have richer meta-data and reporting

Key Quotes from the F8 Conference

What they said and the key quotes you should pay attention to…

Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook CEO)

“We’re also launching the next-generation of Messenger platform. We already have AI that helps businesses answer all kind of questions from their customers. Today we’re going to launch a bunch of Discover tools that are going to help you find the businesses and bots that you want to interact with on the platform.” [commentary from ZDNet]

David Marcus (VP, Facebook Messaging Products)

“We’ve built a Discover tab inside of Messenger that will surface the best bots and businesses interactions you can have in your region. We’re going to work with you in the next coming weeks to ensure that we populate this tab and this new surface with the right things.” [Facebook Newsroom post from David Marcus]

Ime Archibong (Facebook VP of Product Partnerships)

“Our solid updates to the platform since then, adding more UI elements like quick replies, persistent menus, enhanced web use, better templates, native payments. We enabled developers to send richer and richer content such as videos and animated GIFs.” [CNBC Interview with Ime Archibong]

David Marcus (Facebook VP, Messaging Products)

“People prefer to use Messenger to interact with companies. I mean, who likes to call companies, right? More and more companies are now providing service and support on Messenger and the results have been stunning.”

The full transcript of the conference keynotes is available from Singjupost

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