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Chatbot Reviews: Shop Spring Chatbot, Chelsea Boots?

We love the Shop Spring site so when we discovered their Facebook Messenger chatbot in Forbes, we paid it a visit. The team at 1080bots is studying retail chatbots to improve our delivery of productive ecommerce conversational experiences. We know that the chatbot may be your customer’s first encounter with your brand and products, so it needs to be better than just good.

Shop Spring, Hey There!

The opening was very simple and straightforward. The chatbot asked us if we were interested in men’s or women’s items. We decided to type something we’ve been looking for recently, so we entered “Chelsea Boots”. The chatbot said nothing back, so we pressed the Men’s Item button.

Great stuff and we were off, the chatbot then prompted us for the type of men’s item: Clothing, Shoes or Accessories. Still on the hunt for our Chelsea Boots, we pressed “Shoes” and it asked us for the type of shoes. Excellent, so we selected boots.

Buying Chelsea Boots on the Shop Spring Chatbot

You Do Have Chelsea Boots After All!

It then asked us what our price range was, reminding us that we were looking for Men’s Boots. We picked a price range and it duly came back with 5 matching items. So far a very clean and simple experience where we were driven down the product hierarchy and attributes to the product we were looking for. And the option allowed us to see more or get to the site to purchase.

It was a fairly tight chatbot experience that was driven well by the buttons but was let down a little by the poor reaction to the free form text.

It was a fairly tight chatbot experience that was driven well by the buttons but was let down by the poor reaction to the free form text. If you’re thinking of creating a new chatbot that might help your customers navigate your excellent apparel selection then drop us a line at

Post Script

We did try a few days ago to see if the chatbot might want to talk again. But there was no response so the Shop Spring chatbot may have taken a break for Thanksgiving.

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